Ann Kim, Artist
Korean-born artist Ann Kim studied abstract painting techniques with her mentor, Tae Ho Kang. Ann participated in group lessons and shows. Her skills as an artist continued to grow, and she found ways to work with color and layer paint, as well as work with mixed media.

Ann Kim finds inspiration in nature. She likes the way color and texture work in a natural element, and how you can see layer after layer of beauty if you look closely enough. To her, art is like life. Sometimes, it is bright, colorful, and happy, and sometimes it is dark and deep. We each have multiple layers of emotion, and when mixed together, they form a rich picture. Her paintings combine varying colors of the spectrum to reflect her own personal philosophy about life.

The individuals who buy Ann Kim's work say they can actually feel the paintings. They are struck by the amount of emotion contained in each piece of her work.
"Art is never finished, only abandoned." ~ Leonardo da Vinci