Artist Statement
If you understand the principles of nature, especially the concepts of harmony, you know that different elements create either dissonance or consonance. My art reflects this aspect of nature. When I paint, I focus on the varying emotions I am experiencing at the time, with regard to my subjects. Happiness. Worry. Love. Hope. All of these feelings make their way onto the canvas. Each emotion contains a specific character and color. Abstract painting allows you, the viewer, to interpret the meaning and significance behind the art. You stand as the visionary when you view my paintings.

Studying the origins of harmonics gave me true insight into composition. My paintings contain a fundamental simplicity, natura. My painting process begins with acrylic. I then layer oil paint over the acrylic with knife strokes, layer after layer. I intend to express the nature of beauty. To me, that means simplicity, continuous soul, and honest feeling.